Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout is the best Balboa event in the region. We bring international, world-famous instructors and dancers to Denver to share their love of this style of dance.

New Date

We have a new date! Come join us in the fall for RMBB

October 17th – 19th

Past instructors

There is nothing like our event!

You can not find a better deal for an entire weekend of workshops, competitions, live music by world-class musicians, and dancing until you drop. Seriously, check out other events, and you will see that we provide the most bang for your buck.

Check out last year’s performance by extraordinaires Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault.

So why does cmDance put on this event?

Community-Minded Dance is committed to education: this event serves as a fundraiser for our organization, and the amazing instructors we bring in for this event also visit local schools during the week, giving Colorado adolescents and teenagers the opportunity to learn from the best in the world.

These youth would never have this opportunity without these instructors, and guess what … we could not bring them here and have ROCKY BAL without you! You are not only getting access to a fantastic event, you are helping to provide arts education to students all over Colorado!

Check out this video that talks about our programming and our partnership with the Great Kids Head Start Program in Denver.